Wednesday, January 27, 2016

# 8 Genealogy is what I do: Birth records for Grandma and Grandpa Price

My Grandparents Charles R Price and Edythe G Knight were very clear about when their birthdays were. I remember particularly celebrating Grandpa's birthday, because it was so close to my own birthday. When I began researching them I was in for some surprises! Grandma celebrated her birthday on November 11 and said she was a certain  age that put her birth in 1889. Her official birth record says she was born on December 1, 1888. This record was recorded in June of 1889. Her social security card also says December 1, 1888. I understand that it is a woman's prerogative to lie about her age, but I don't understand the difference in the day. Was it entered wrong for some reason, or did Grandma herself change her birthday? I am thinking that looking for a newspaper birth announcement may clear it up. Possibly school records (if they exist) might give some answers.
Next I found Grandpa's birth record for September 3, 1889! we always celebrated September 13. I can see how that mistake could easily be made, since it is just one digit off. The record was not recorded until 1890. Then I found his birth announcement in the Utica Sentinel dated September 22, 1888. The announcement names his birthday as September 13, so the day is right but the year is different. 1888 has to be correct because that is when the newspaper was printed. His social Security record says September 13, 1889.
I guess I will just keep on digging!

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