Monday, September 21, 2015

Part 4: Genealogy is what I Do: Grandpa's music

Wow, I have been slow about getting back to this!
When I remember my grandfather, Charles Rex price, I think of a quiet man with a head full of beautiful white hair. His birthday was one day after mine and we often went to visit for his birthday. He loved wood and created things in his workshop that different family members still own. Grandpa and Grandma liked to have big family meals in their backyard and they never seemed troubled by the antics of their many grandchildren.
But... there is one thing I know about him, that I don't personally remember. grandpa was extremely musical. He sang and played many instruments. I have pictures of grandpa with his three brothers singing quartets and of Grandpa as the conductor of the orchestra at the big Congregational Church in Pontiac, Michigan. My brother, who is 9 years older than I am, tells me that he remembers listening to Grandpa sing and thought that he had never heard a more beautiful voice. I also have church bulletins that name Grandpa as the soloist or part of a duet (sometimes with my dad). Another thing I have is a box full of music that belonged to him and I have seen some of his instruments.
So... I have evidence of his talent. I wish I could hear him sing and play (maybe in Heaven).
One thing I have tried to track down is the radio programs that he was involved in. According to Dad and my great uncle Edgar, grandpa had a radio program (probably over the border in Canada) and he also played on another program as a guest musician. His program may have been called Rex and Ray or it may have been Charlie and Edith. Dad has mentioned both names. Dad thought that the program he was a guest on had Bible in the title and that it was a local Detroit station. I called a couple stations years ago and was told that they had no archives from the 20s, 30s, or 40s. Maybe I should look at local museums. Any suggestions?

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